Couples' Feedback


"We've just had our last couples counselling session with you and we just wanted to take the time to thank you for all of the help and support you have provided us with over the last few months.

When we first reached out for help I really wasn't sure that we would be able to address the issues we were having since they were seriously contributing to my mental health and anxiety issues. Through your counselling you've enabled us to learn to communicate, understand and most importantly show how much we love each other again.

My own mental health has improved significantly. We are now confident that by following the advice and using the tools you have provided us with we will go on to continue to have a happy and healthy relationship for many many years to come.

Thank you again for everything, it really does mean so much

"Thanks so much for your help, our love and relationship has been refreshed. And our relationship is giving us both so much happiness & pleasure"


"Celia was wonderful. She was extremely empathic, understanding both points of view clearly. I would recommend her to anyone contemplating couples counselling" 

"I know that nothing in life is certain and things change, but we've bonded more through this time and I'm very happy and we are very happy together. You started it all for us - you facilitated it and I wanted to say thank you. There might be a time in the future when we will need you again I daresay! But thank you for all that you've done for us"


"Dear Celia,

There are no words to express how grateful we are to have landed at the hands of a professional like you.

We will never forget how much you have helped us, and will continue to work together the way you have showed us. Thank you for your guidance and perseverance."

"Before engaging Celia we had the foundations for a great relationship but kept derailing it by each of us worrying about being judged on our pasts. This lead to lies, mistrust and a breakdown in communication when certain subjects arose.

We were a bit daunted beforehand having seen how couples therapies is on TV!

we needn't of worries as over the course of only 8 sessions (6 as a couple, and one individual meeting each) Celia understood us individually and as a couple and identified where the problems lay. She taught us by a number of methods to understand, listen and talk in short sentences, but mainly look at the bigger picture. She was great in helping us to work together to overcome issues, identify the triggers, how to snap out of a bad instance, see so many positives we have and to help us build trust and understanding that we didn't have before meeting her.

Celia is friendly, easy to talk to, totally non judgemental, eloquent and concise. We are so glad we engaged her expertise, as we are a better us as a result."

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“Things have been going really well with L and I at the moment- we are in a much better place and I think that is definitely down to even the few sessions we had with you. We are going to continue to see how things go but if things dip or we need to talk it through again we will definitely be looking to come back to see you again; you really helped us to analyse some big issues in our relationship- so thank you”

"Celia's thoughtful analysis of our situation allowed her to deliver carefully tailored advice and suggestions. These were primarily for us as a couple, but she never forgot that there were two individuals in our relationship, and thus that personalised help was also required. Celia guided us from a pretty dark situation back to our happy place through constant and compassionate encouragement. We would like to express our profound gratitude for her words of wisdom."


"At first I was very sceptical about seeking marriage counselling, but from the first contact with Celia, she was very emphatic, caring and understanding.

After speaking to both of us individually at first, and then together she explained the underlying issues, the causes of the problems and came up with strategic solutions for  both of us, after implementing these we began to see an improvement instantly.

After just a few sessions what was a dire and bad situation with separation/ divorce looming we can confidently say we have overcome our obstacles and learnt how to cope and manage the stressful situations by better communication and get along much better and i can safely say it is all down to Celia working her magic. She was highly professional and cannot recommend her enough to solve anyone's marital problems"

"We were in a very bad place as a couple, on the verge of giving up. Celia's guidance and strategy led us through some very difficult steps in order to understand the areas we needed to work on both as individuals and as a couple. For us, that enabled us to communicate more openly with each other which has been the key to our being able to rekindle our relationship. Celia gave us the tools to continue to work through any issues that may arise in the future. We will be forever grateful for her help. We have our life back"


"We'd like to offer you our heartfelt thanks for your patience and support to get us to this juncture - we're determined not to waste any of the things we have noticed, and now understand better, as a result of your help. Thank you.


The way life is at the moment, for all of us, it is unlikely that this is goodbye - more, goodbye and thanks for now whilst we see how we are able to capitalise on the ten sessions we have had.  It's been our great pleasure to have worked with you during this time and we'd absolutely recommend your service to others who find themselves presented with similar challenges"

"Celia started working with us at a really difficult point in our relationship. Her approach was unassuming, and she took the time to learn and listen to our situation and tailored her sessions to us, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. Our conversations with Celia are always compassionate, open, and interesting. Her work has helped us to identify ways to form a deeper connection and stronger bond. We think that any couple would benefit from speaking with her, and can’t recommend her work highly enough"


"Celia really made a huge difference for our relationship. Her insight and process provided us with a framework to work through our communication issues in a non-judgemental environment. This has given us the skills to now work through our issues independently, and we would thoroughly recommend her to others" 


"Working with Celia has enabled us to recognise behaviours in ourselves and in our relationship which were preventing us from openly communicating with each other and sharing our needs. We are now able to speak and listen to each other and work together to resolve our issues. In such a short amount of time things improved and the changes we have made were surprisingly natural and have been long lasting. Celia has made such a positive impact on our lives, we can't thank her enough"

“We contacted Celia at a point in our lives and in our marriage when we felt like we had reached the end of the road and had nothing more to give one another. Celia helped us learn more about ourselves and to understand one another better; she enabled us to communicate openly and honestly in a trusting and safe environment. We honestly believe we couldn’t have come back to one another without her help.”

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 "Just wanted to say thank you for your work with us. We are doing really well and we appreciate the difference therapy has made to our relationship.

We will definitely be in touch should we require sessions in the future"

"We have been very happy since our sessions and found them very useful so we feel that we may not need any further sessions at the moment. 

However if in the future we feel we need to touch base with you, we will reach out to you"


“After many years, our relationship had become tangled on a number of levels. We were arguing and frustrated. We needed help and agreed to try counselling. 

Celia was so easy to talk to. She really listened to both of us and truly understood how we felt. She helped us to unravel the course of our actions that were leading us to conflict and encouraged us to see the individual roles we each played in contributing to this. Soon we were able to recognise the early warning signs and familiar patterns of reactions that sparked these moments of tension. She showed us how, together, we could pause and create new paths that led to a more constructive outcome and a deeper appreciation of each other’s feelings and emotions. Celia made us both feel heard and understood as individuals. Her sessions gave us the time and space to really focus on each other and empowered us with the knowledge and skills to work together to improve our relationship as a couple. 

We continue to practise what we’ve learnt from our sessions with Celia and both agree that she was the perfect counsellor for us and her sessions were invaluable.”


"We found the experience to be just the switch up we needed to stop the cycle of bad habits and it helped us develop better communication skills which has bonded us and made our relationship the strongest it’s been"